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About Us

Pustakalaya is a social initiative aimed at increasing the number of readers in our country. While literacy rates are steadily on the rise, the level of literacy across the country is abysmal. In schools today, children are not encouraged to read, nor are they given the opportunity or environment to foster such skills; rote learning is till encouraged.

According to the ASER 2016, report, that collected data from 589 rural districts of India, in class V, only one of every five students could read an English sentence.

With that in mind, Pustakalaya aims to help low-income group schools in India develop the necessary tools and resources to create a culture of future readers, thinkers and innovators. We are a ‘one-stop-shop’ to assist an organization or individual install functional and meaningful libraries for the children of the low income group community

 We aim to offer an opportunity, through books, to foster the love for reading and enhance comprehension and creativity skills, while simultaneously encouraging critical thinking.

Our focus is on creating libraries with selected books that match the literacy level of the beneficiaries. Libraries filled with colourful well illustrated books with child friendly fonts and text, stories from a variety of genres and publishers that support all reading levels. Our vibrant libraries with easy to access book shelves, comfortable seating with carpeted flooring for group and independent reading and motivating posters are geared to create a culture of future readers, thinkers and innovators.

School Libraries For

Public Libraries For
2 lakhs+

Creating functional and meaningful libraries in the low-income group and government schools. Supporting the making of Public Libraries and Community Libraries.

Our Mission

Anandaya Foundation is on a mission to build 3000 meaningful, functional libraries in

government schools that enhance students; reading, comprehension, and expression and make

the model sustainable through capacity building. All children, irrespective of where they come

from, must have access to quality reading resources along with the freedom to read.


Our Vision

ThroughProject Pustakalaya, Anandaya Foundation envisions making the Pustakalaya

an integral part of every government school to reduce inequality in education and help children

lead fulfilled lives.

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Core Values

  • Sense of Possibility

  • Innovation

  • Integrity

  • Excellence

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Future Plans

To create libraries in government schools in every state of India.