15 Anganwadis

Teacher Training Program conducted for Anganwadi workers, Inspectors to sensitise them towards child development and introduced activities for cognitive and motor skills development for early years.

Silai Centres, Badaun District, UP
834 in 12 villages

840+ rural women and girls were empowered in 12 villages through vocational training in stitching and designing. More than 50% of the training women were able to open a tailoring business or shops; many became teachers in schools and vocational centres. The average earning of such enterprising women was an average of rupees five thousand a month. They supported the household income, spent it on repairing their homes and building toilets.

Beauty Centre, Badaun District, UP
238 in 10 villages

240+ village girls in 10 villages were empowered in the vocational training centres with Beauty and Salon Skills. Almost 100% of the empowered girls were able to monetise their skills and earned on an average of four to five thousand a month.

Mushroom Cultivation, Badaun District, UP
200 woman in 10 villages

200+ women in 5 villages were trained to grow mushrooms from the left over husk from the paddy crop. They were give completed training in creating the mushroom compost, smearing it with spawn and the mushrooms were grown bags kept in the dark shafts of their village homes. They grew button mushroom and oyster mushroom. These were sold in the nearby big town market. SHGs were made and bank accounts were opened for all to collect their earnings. The SHGs greatly helped the women to break social barriers and the mushroom cultivation the economic strain.

A book was written ‘Growing with Mushrooms’ in Hindi and English to document their success.

Toilets, New Delhi and Badaun District, UP
60 Toilets and 30 Urinals in 6 MCD schools in Delhi, 175 Toilets in Baduan District in 25 Villages

In support to the Swatchh Bharat Mission, Angelique Foundation constructed toilets in MCD schools in Delhi and personal/private toilets in the village homes. Most of these toilets were built in the homes of the girls of Harbilas Goyal Inter College.

The toilets was an extremely welcome addition to their homes and used by all the members of the family.  The toilets improved health and hygiene and tremendously the self respect of the village girls.

Plantation, Ujhani, Badaun District, UP
300 in 15 villages

Every year hundreds of fruiting trees were planted in the villages inside the village homes were the family took responsibility as care takers of the trees.

Harbilas Goyal  Inter College, Ujhani, Badaun District, UP

Harbilas Goyal Inter College

Harbilas Goyal Inter College, Up Board best Hindi Medium School in Badaun District. It has been supported by Angelique foudnation since 2006 and has produced many achievers in the area of academics ans sports. Along with academic activities the instiyution has been instrumental in supportign the empowerment of women activities in Badaun District.

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