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Nurturing young minds to build leaders of tomorrow








Our aim is to install functional and meaningful libraries by creating a comfortable, vibrant and motivating library environment with all new furniture, with child friendly books that match the literacy level of the students and thereby create a culture of future readers, thinkers and innovators.
The Right to Education mandates every school to have a library to inculcate reading habits among children from an early age. While only about 30% schools seem to have functional libraries.



Our Objective is to create libraries with welcoming, vibrant and motivated environment. Where children have space to move easily, cozy corners to read, floor seating on a cushioned carpet (as they sit on the floor at home) motivating posters with images of children of their community on well painted walls in vibrant colours. All new furniture, open book shelves with the attractive book covers facing the child, low moveable tables with minimum adult supervision to encourage decision making and remove fear of being evaluated. The book list is especially curated keeping in mind the literacy level of the children. The books are colourful, child friendly, with beautiful illustrations, good print and paper quality, contextual, text and font suitable for children for all levels of reading, book levels range from no text to full page of text. The books are from a variety of publications and genres. Educational games that enhance motor skills, cognitive development to make the students learning reading are a part of the library.

Spaces that give dignity to children
Improved Reading Skills
Improved Academics
Increased Admissions and attendance
Creative ad story telling skill
Developed critical thinking and problem solving
Closed the education gap
Developed decision making skills, build their interests and strengths at their own pace
Brought students and community together
Behavioural changes – value systems of the students have undergone a change.




Libraries can change Life | Jaishree Goyal | TEDxPSITKanpur

Libraries can change Life | Jaishree Goyal | TEDxPSITKanpur

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