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Teaching young children to read helps them develop their overall language and communication skills.  Given the emphasis placed on reading in schooling, literacy levels are incredibly low. According to the ASER 2016 report, that collected data from 589 rural districts of India,  In Class V, only one out of every four students could read a English sentence.

Pustakalaya is a social initiative aimed at increasing the number of readers in our country. While literacy rates are steadily on the rise, the level of literacy across the country is abysmal. In schools today, children are not encouraged to read, nor are they given the opportunity or environment to foster such skills; rote learning is still encouraged in schools. With that in mind, Pustakalaya aims to helps low-income schools in India develop the necessary tools and resources to create a culture of future readers, thinkers, and innovators. We are a ‘one-stop-shop’ to assist any organisation by initiating,  installing, and implementing libraries in their institution.

It all started in 3rd grade when I discovered the joy of reading, and almost immediately, I wanted to pass this happiness on, and that’s how I came up with the idea of the “Used Book Sale”. My friends and I used to set up a stall every time there was a parent-teacher meeting in school - here we would sell our old books at a minimal price and then give away the money collected to charities. This kept building on, and soon I got the opportunity to build a library with the school in Panna. 


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